Active in the music industry since 1920, we represent manufacturers of high-quality products and assist them with marketing, merchandising, and sales in domestic and foreign markets.

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Scottsdale, Arizona 85255-0151
Telephone (480) 675-8888
FAXsimile (480) 675-8900
Blitz Custom Polishing Cloths
Blitz Instrument Care Products
Conrad® Instrument Accessories
Downbeat® Merchandise Bags
Drum Sticks (Whitehall®)
Gemwood® Conductor Batons (King David®)

  Kafko Brasswind/Guitar/Violin Accessories
Kazoo (U.S.A.) Metal
Classic American Kazoos (PDF File)
King David® Leader & Gift Batons
Plastic Kazoos
Wabash® Accessories
Woodstock Music Education Products and Chimes

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